Monday, January 16, 2006

Election Cycle Politics Is A Loser

Democrats need to get away from election cycle politics. This is something I say over and over again. Most people get tired of feeling like they are nothing more than a checkbook or a vote. I know I do. I'm a poor graduates student, but every week Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, or some other Dem asks me for money. Well, I already give what I can (and then some). It's easy to feel used with this kind of politicking and we need to get away from this old way of doing things.

I think this is particularly important for the Hispanic community. As Ruy Teixeira points out,
All this means there’s very little keeping Hispanics tied to the GOP. And a great deal that’s pushing them away. The result could be a very substantial swing back toward the Democrats in 2006.
My experience with friends and family, and knocking or calling a couple thousand voters in New Mexico is that election cycle politics will not help the Democrats win back this community. Nor do I think it should--campaigns engaging in election cycle politics should lose.

I don't think this is something very complicated or some magic formula. In grade school writing classes I remember being told "show, don't tell." We have to show people that we are on their side, not tell them. Merely telling them we are on their side comes of insincere and is ineffectual.

Debz and I have some ideas on simple, inexpensive ways to start changing this. If you have any and want to work on this let us know.


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