Monday, November 14, 2005

A Plan For Iraq

The New York Times reports that the Senate is getting serious about executive accountability on Iraq. Of course this is similar to what Democrats have been saying and what Harry Reid reiterated. I think Harry Reid was right when he says, "It is essential that the Bush administration submit an unclassified strategy for success in Iraq to the Congress and the American people specifying how and when our troops can begin coming home." He goes on to list a few things Bush must provide Congress and the American people, including:
  • The number of Iraqi battalions that must be able to operate independently or take the lead in counterinsurgency operations
  • The number of Iraqi special police units that must be able to operate independently or take the lead in policing
  • The number of regular police that must be trained and equipped
  • The ability of Iraq’s Federal ministries and provincial and local governments to independently sustain, direct and coordinate Iraq’s security forces
Of course, I'd like to see more details on reconstruction efforts, which is important.

Not to pat myself too much on the back, but this sounds a lot like something I said five months ago. If some inexperienced schmoe like me can can come up with a similar plan in a few minutes, why the heck did it take the Senate so darn long? I was asking for this in July. How many troops and Iraqi civilians have died since? We could be much farther along if these damn Senators had done something as simple as requiring a little executive oversight!


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