Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I Want To Go To Sleep...

But I can't. I had to bail from the great event that Margot and Stanford Students for Choice put on to go to a Palo Alto City Council event that wasn't nearly as exciting. I bailed on that. (Sorry, Sid.) So here I am: At home, pressing the refresh button on Internet Explorer when I'd rather be asleep.

At this point, Prop. 76-80 are already declared huge losers. Prop. 74 will be a big loser, but not quite a huge loser. I'm still up because I think 73 is extremely dangerous, regardless of your personal stance on abortion. I think 75 is extremely unfair and those of us not in unions shouldn't be able to dictate union policy.

There are a handful of elections that I can already discuss that I think are important: The Virginia Governor's race, the St. Paul mayoral race, and Prop. 76. First, the VA governor's race shows that a strong Democratic candidate can win in a staunchly Republican state. Bush's last minute appearance with Kilgore, the GOP candidate, didn't seem to alter the race. The 6 point win by Kaine is actually stronger than I would have thought possible and good news for red state Democrats. This was Kilgore's race to lose and he lost it by running an ugly campaign and running on GOP ideology as opposed to effective government. Dems have a lot to learn from Kaine, who really impressed me.

The St. Paul mayoral race shows that embracing Bush is not good campaign policy. It riles up Democrats and Independents. Currently, most polls show that Independents are flat out rejecting the GOP platform. Save for a few hot-button issues that Dems can address a little more effectively, a lot of Republicans reject the GOP platform as well.

The embarassingly lopsided defeat of prop. 76 says that a huge majority of California flat out rejects Schwarzenegger's leadership and priorities. This is bad news for his reelection campaign. The other propositions were about bad policy, but prop. 76 was all about the state's trust in Schwarzenegger. Even in conservative San Diego, they rejected him. If he wants a chance to win in '06, he's going to have to abandon a large part of his GOP/Bush policies--which is nearly everything he stands for.

OK, The Chronicle just declared EVERY proposition a bust. With only Alameda and LA counties left, I think it's safe to say that all the propositions failed. With the exception of Karen Holman for PA City Council, I was a pretty good determinate of the general electorate!


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