Sunday, November 06, 2005

I Do Care About The Other Props!

I haven't mention them because it seems pretty obvious. In a few sentences, here's what I think of the non-77 propositions:

  • Prop. 73: Making abortion illegal won't reduce the number of abortions. To reduce the number of abortions, we need to do much more than making it illegal or making it harder to get one. This proposition doesn't address the issue of reducing the number of abortions (more on that some other day). Further, this prop. puts extremely vulnerable young women in danger, since they will turn to whatever means necessary including unsafe "procedures". I'm happy to talk about reducing the number of abortions, but this won't do it.
  • Prop. 74: Two years for tenure is a little too early for my liking. However, I think we should work with teachers to come up with a way to ensure quality teachers rather than imposing the will of education "analysts" who probably never taught or haven't in a long time. This doesn't address the education problems and demeans teachers who really care.
  • Prop. 75: I'm not in a union so I shouldn't have any say in their internal workings. Nor should anyone else not in a union. The point that Schwarzenegger isn't making corporate California do the same deserves reiteration. It's already been settled that workers don't have to be members of a union--even though they probably owe their pay rate, insurance, etc. to their union counterparts. This creates an expensive impediment to the unions. Forcing unions to send out and process hundreds of thousands of forms every year doesn't seem fair.
  • Prop. 76: We saw what Schwarzenegger's priorities were the last time we gave him unilateral authority on the budget. We need checks and balances between branches of government, this removes those.
  • Prop 78: Not much to say about this other than the fact that big Pharma is pumping tens of millions of dollars into this. This will not help curtail drug costs.
  • Prop 79: I've read this and am not entirely convinced of it's efficacy. We need a bit more than this to make a difference.
  • Prop 80: This was thrown in by the Schwarzenegger opponents. I think we do need to do something about the energy situation. Is this the best we can do? I do like some aspects of it, though.

I'd like to propose that we make it mandatory that 50% of all eligible voters approve of a ballot measure to pass it. That might make it less likely to get horrible and misleading initiatives on the ballot. Plus, it would make it less likely that governors would call special elections deliberately designed to have low voter turnout. And it would save us tens of millions of dollars.


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