Thursday, October 27, 2005

What If

What if we actually gave every child the same opportunity to succeed? This is something I ask myself literally every day. I've seen talented young people fall through the cracks many times. Sadly, I believe it's happening every year in the United States. This is unfortunate because it denies everyone of their talent.

Jonathon Kozol picks up on this theme in The Shame of the Nation:
There will, I am afraid, be fewer fascinating mavericks, fewer penetrating questioners, and fewer powerful dissenters coming from our inner-city schools before too long if this agenda cannot be reversed.
What if each of us were born into different circumstances? Would we have lost all hope?

I was questioned today about some of my views. When I think about children losing hope, I don't ask why should we help. I ask how can we not help. If you have't yet read Shame of the Nation pick it up. Or I'll let you borrow my copy.


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