Monday, October 17, 2005

Redistricting Again...

I've posted on this before, but it's worth posting again. Via Donkey Rising, there is a paper by Abramowitz, Alexander and Gunning on redistricting and incumbency. Their conclusion:
However, this shift has not been caused by redistricting but by demographic change and ideological realignment within the electorate. Moreover, even in the remaining marginal districts only a small minority of House races are competitive. The main explanation for the lack of competition even in marginal districts appears to be the inability of challengers to compete financially with incumbents.
I've also previously pointed to Steven Hill's Mother Jones article that brings up this important point:
It turns out that there is a fundamental anti-urban (and thus anti-Democratic) bias with single-seat districts. The urban vote is more concentrated, and so it's easier to pack Democratic voters into fewer districts. As Democratic redistricting strategist Sam Hirsch has noted, nice square districts are in effect a Republican gerrymander because they "combine a decade-old (but previously unnoticed) Republican bias" that along with a newly heightened degree of incumbent protection "has brought us one step closer to government under a United States House of Unrepresentatives."
And let's not forget that the 2000 census data--which Prop. 77 will use for redistricting mid-decade--omits the large amount of new Californians. Redistricting at will is not a good thing, even on principle. Voters will be deliberately ignored in any mid decade redistricting effort. Plus, having to continually vote


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At October 19, 2005 1:50 PM, Blogger DemocracyMarket said...

Would you be arguing the same way if you were a Democrat in Texas? I doubt it.
You are just concerned that Democrats might lose a few seats in California. Just admit it. It's not about democracy or process, it's about your desired result.

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At October 20, 2005 8:33 PM, Blogger Gilbert Martinez said...

I'm glad you can speak for me democracy market. I guess other people know my thoughts better than myself.

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