Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Dem Slogan

It looks like National Dems are looking for a slogan. Something along the lines of "Together, America Can Do Better.". Hmmm. I think that's pretty lame and doesn't address the safety issue.

I'd rather see something like: "Together: Safer, stronger and better." Of course that was going to be my campaign slogan, but I guess it's now out of the question. Actually, I was thinking of "Safer and Stronger Together" Or maybe "Building A Safer and Stronger America Together". (Not that I really intend to run.)

I remember back in grade school having a writing teacher say to "show not tell". How are we going to make things better? By making our country safer--safer from terrorism, economic security, safe from leaking CIA operatives, etc.--and stronger--stronger intelligence and emergency preparedness, stronger education programs, etc. Better is such a vague word and useless, IMO. "Safer" and "stronger" allows for much more specific bullet points than merely saying "better".

P.S. I like "Together" because I sincerely believe that our Nation is best when we're working together: Immediately after 9/11 and immediately after the Tsunami. When Americans or other people are suffering, most Americans go out of their way to help. That's pretty awesome if you ask me. Before getting off my soapbox, together we can crush poverty!


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