Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Working Society

FDR had the New Deal. JFK and LBJ had the Great Society. Now, John Edwards is proposing a "Working Society".

To be true to our values, what our country needs to build is a working society; an America where everyone who works hard finally has the rewards to show for it. In this working society, nobody who works full-time should have to raise their children in poverty or in fear that one more healthcare emergency or one more layoff is going to put them right in the ditch. In the working society, everyone who works full-time will at least something to show for it: a home of their own, an account where their savings and paychecks can grow. In the working society, everyone willing to work will actually have a chance to get ahead. Anybody who wants to go to college and is willing to work for it will be able to go. In the working society, people who work have the right to live in communities where the streets are safe, the schools are good, and jobs can be reached.

In the working society, everyone will also be asked to hold up their end of the bargain, to work, to hold off having kids until they’re ready, and to do their part for their kids when the time comes.
To me, a Working Society is much more appealing than the Me Only society. And Edwards has been "preaching" this since his presidential campaign--over a year before Katrina! I have to admit, he's looking very attractive as a candidate I could support in '08.


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