Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I plead the FIZ-IF

I don't have a TV, but I've been able to catch part of the Roberts confirmation live via KPFA. From the couple hours of Democratic questioning I heard, I couldn't help thinking of a sketch I saw on Chappelle's Show with Tron the crack dealer. I'm not saying I hold Roberts to the same level as a crack dealer, but just found Roberts' constant refusals to answer questions to be very reminiscent of the sketch.

The gist of the sketch for those who haven't seen it: Dave asks what it would be like if a CEO (read rich white male) had to go through the same judicial process as Tron the crack dealer (read black crack dealer). Eventually, Tron ends up in front of a Senate hearing and doesn't answer question because he gets to plead the fifth--the FIZ-IF:

Tron : There are! I say there are so many amendments in the constitution of the United States of Americaaaa! I can only choose one! I can only choose ooooooone! I plead the fif! I plead the fif! FIVE! 1,2,3,4, fiiiif! Anything you say! FIIIF! Go ahead and ask me a question!
Senator: How do...
Tron : Fif! I like to show all of you a secret document!
[pulls out a piece of paper saying "FiF"]
Tron : Fiiiiiiiiiiiiif!-Chapplle's Show
It's on the second season DVD--funny stuff.

I think Roberts did generally well except for Biden making him look silly.


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