Friday, September 16, 2005

Does No Government Ever Work

I started writing this post last night but got sidetracked. Now variations are all over the various internets. So it goes.

According to President Bush, “The work that has begun in the Gulf Coast region will be one of the largest reconstruction efforts the world has ever seen." While I think Bush's speech was in the right spirit of what needs to be done--let's hope execution lives up to the spirit presented--it shows once again the shortcomings of anti-government policy.

First, anti-government conservatives wanted the U.S. to be isolationists but the 9/11 terrorist attacks showed dramatically that that is a dangerous policy. So the president has been pushing for increasing our role to "promote democracy". After Democrats first proposed legislation calling for a new Department of Homeland Security, the president and his small-government conservative allies instituted the largest restructuring of the federal government in a long time.

Second, to appease the aging baby boomers, Bush and his GOP allies pushed through a massive prescription drug plan--which wasn't the best legislation. This is something that is needed to help millions of people. Though the implementation and specific legislation have much to be desired, it was in the spirit of helping.

Now, we are about to embark on one of the "largest reconstruction efforts the world has ever seen."

This is not an endorsement of BIG government reactionism, but it clearly demonstrates that government is needed--or at least strongly desired by the vast majority of Americans. Since we now have a troll who despises government, I'll put my vision of responsible government against his/her vision of no government to the American people any day. As poll after poll indicate, people want more government support, not less: in disaster relief, gas price controls, job creation, etc.


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