Thursday, August 04, 2005

Message This

I just finished reading Jim Wallis' op-ed in the New York Times and it sounded vaguely familiar. I particularly agree with Wallis' that focusing on "framing" rather than what's being framed is a mistake:
The operative term among Democratic politicians and strategists has become "framing." How to tell the story has become more important than the story itself. And that could be a bigger mistake for the Democrats than the ones they made during the election.
Wallis mentions that "somebody must lead on the issue of poverty, and right now neither party is doing so." For a while, I've been trying to get progressives/Democrats to take up the issue of poverty reduction.

If we want to attract some of the religious people back, we must champion the important moral problems such as poverty. While we're at it, lets attempt to propose a strategy for withdrawing from Iraq and make reconstruction happen!


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