Thursday, August 25, 2005

Don't Let It Reach 2,000

Kevin Drum has been talking a lot recently about a pubilicly stated exit strategy (most recent, here). As I mentioned a several weeks ago, I agree.

Contrary to the Bush Administration's ludicrous assertions that war critics do not want the U.S. to win the "war on terror" or create a stable Iraq, we're merely asking for a plan to exit promptly and successfully. I don't understand the logic that says if you want a plan for success than you are aiding the enemy and supporting terrorism. Shouldn't we be sending a message that we know exactly how and when we are going to destroy the enemy rather than merely "staying the course"?

If you're a shareholder, wouldn't you expect the CEO to develop a concrete strategy for success? Who wants to invest in a company with no clear objective other than to "stay the course". That's utter incompetence and those who chose to invest in that company are directly responsible for the repercussions. Similarly, supporting a president and not demanding a clear plan because he is a "nice guy" is irresponsible and dangerous. Our priority should be with the troops, not with a failed policy of a "nice" president. (Note to Democratic Leaders: "Support the Troops, not a failed policy". You can even add: "of an ethically challenged GOP that discloses the identity of covert officers".)

I was going to discuss a political strategy, but I'm much more than a little angry that the media is allowing Bush and co. to go around in their choreographed spectacles spewing utter garbage about me not wanting to "win the war on terror" or saying I'm supporting the enemy--or that I want an immediate withdrawal of our troops. I don't support terrorism and I never have. I'm just asking for a winning plan to bring our friends and family back home. Anyone who says otherwise is a LIAR and should publicly apologize. You can criticize my plans, but don't question my commitment to the lives of the troops.


At September 13, 2005 11:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

he's got the right to say it, i suppose, even if its stupid. sorry that youre angry that he's allowed to...

i used to support the troops but not Bush and co who put them in the war. I changed my mind. I dont support any of them. They knew there was a possibility of war. What moral wars do we fight nowadays? ANy conflict that we were going to get into was going to be bullshit, and the troops should have seen that before they sold their bodies to the state. Fuck Bush and Fuck the troops and Fuck anybody who thinks that the American Military should be anywhere outside of America.

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