Saturday, June 18, 2005

Cheney's argument for Guantanamo -- best argument against it?

Cheney defends the Guantanamo prison. From the New York Times coverage:

To bolster his remarks, made in a speech at the National Press Club, Mr. Cheney added to the administration's previous warnings about the dangers of moving too quickly to free the more than 500 prisoners held at Guantánamo. He provided new details about what he said had been at least 10 released detainees who later turned up on battlefields to try to kill American troops.

Mr. Cheney mentioned the name of Maulvi Abdul Ghaffar, a released Guantánamo prisoner who returned to Afghanistan and became a Taliban commander and was killed last year by Afghan forces. He also cited Mullah Shehzada, who he said returned from the prison to organize a jail break in Afghanistan, and who was killed last year by American forces.

Worth pointing out: the fact that the person was a terrorist after being released from Guantanamo doesn't necessarily mean they were a terrorist beforehand.

It's not hard to imagine that a generally sympathetic but inactive supporter of the anti-American forces in Afghanistan who saw the American government kidnapping people from all over the world, turning them over to unsavory allies for torture or torturing them in-house, even to death, sexually humiliating them and defaming their religion -- might head back and decide to take a more active role in anti-American activities.


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