Friday, May 13, 2005

More Medicaid Madness

If you've read either of my posts on Medicaid, you'll probably realize that for the moment I'm a little obsessed with the issue. Partly because I'm rediscovering my own personal morality of late (as I was working on an article). It's also because I think our treatment of hard working Americans who are struggling to keep up reflects a lot on who we are as a country at this time--and history will judge us accordingly.

Sadly, more bad news on the Medicaid front. In Missouri, their '06 budget plans to cut 90,000 people from the program:
"This leaves 90,000 Missourians living below the federal poverty level without access to health care. Improved revenue from economic growth alone will not reach the level needed to provide basic services to Missourians."
It's about priorities. (I'll get on Schwarzenegger's case over Medi-Cal later.)

Some will like to say I'm trying to increase the "welfare state", but they probably forget to mention the corporate WELFARE that is taking place now that United Airlines is defaulting on their pensions. (What's worse is that the CEO of United is trying to bully the workers to prevent them from striking. But don't get me started on that road.)


At December 13, 2005 9:26 PM, Anonymous Blue Cross of California said...

Medicaid is a great form of health insurance for many individuals and there is no way it should be cut off as health coverage is a major importance to many.

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