Thursday, May 26, 2005

Mandate Schmandate

Not that anyone here needs convincing that Bush doesn't have much of a mandate, but the latest Greenberg poll provides even more evidence. It does have some interesting tidbits:
Progressives are positioned to become champions of a family threatened by economic pressures – ranging from stagnant wages and health care costs, loss of retirement security and lack of time to raise children. Voters at present are more drawn to those family priorities (52 percent) than one that emphasizes “family values,” focused on gay marriage and abortion, the culture of sex and violence and kids not learning personal responsibility (38 percent).
Since the early 70s, the average family works 20 more weeks per year. That's 800 less hours to spend with the family and take care of the children.

What's even more promising is that we are starting to reject the principles of the "ownership society":
Finally, voters are looking at all the uncertainty around them and lean toward a worldview that emphasizes community and opportunity over self-reliance and individualism. We know from focus groups that voters actually value both community and self–reliance but when forced to choose, a small majority (52 percent) want an America where people pull together and pursue policies that expand opportunity and prosperity for all, not just the few. Just 41 percent are content with a focus on self-reliance, limited government and low taxes so business and individuals can prosper.


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