Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Judge Fight Not Over

Just because the filibuster is safe for now doesn't mean that the battle is over. The three judges that will get votes forced on the Senate are not the best that our country has to offer. Take a hop on over to NARAL Pro-Choice America to find out why they are bad for choice. Of course, this debate really isn't about choice. These judges are extreme "corporatists"--putting corporate America ahead of Americans. People for the American Way has more info. Democracy Now had a good discussion last Friday, check it out.

There is slim possibility that we can avoid having some of these judges confirmed. There are some moderate Republicans who may vote against some of these judges. Even getting only one or two GOP Senators will be an important symbolic victory. Though I'm inclined to think the only reasonable possibility is Arlen Specter, it is worth getting our friends and family to contact all the same senators we contacted to save the filibuster.


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