Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I smell a veto brewing...

President Bush is the first president since like Millard Fillmore never to veto anything, but it appears as though that is soon going to change.

Republicans moderates in the House have succeed in getting Speaker Hastert to agree to a vote on a bill overturning Bush's prohibition on federal funding for stem cell research. The bill has a whopping 199 co-sponsors (a bill only needs 218 votes to pass) so it's probably a sure bet unless Republicans manage to do something fishy like attach a poison pill amendment. A similar bill also has strong support in the Senate (should have enough to overcome a filibuster), and Republican Orrin Hatch says he can manage to bring it to the floor over Frist's objections.

Bush has pledged to veto. My bet is even if the Democrats decide to shut down the Senate in the wake of the nuclear option, they'll let this bill go through, if for no other reason then so they can see the headline in the paper the next morning and watch his numbers tank some more.


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