Thursday, May 12, 2005

An abdication of duty

Today, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted to send John Bolton's nomination to the full Senate, but without a recommendation. However, what's most outrageous about the situation is the action of Sen. George Voinovich (R-OH).

Before the vote today, Voinovich said he had "come to the determination that the United States can do better than John Bolton." Not only that, but Bolton was "the poster child of what someone in the diplomatic corps should not be." For a final nail in the coffin, he asked "What message are we sending to the world community? We have sought to appoint an ambassador to the United Nations who himself has been accused of being arrogant, of not listening to his friends, of acting unilaterally, and of bullying those who do not have ability to properly defend themselves. Those are the very characteristics that we are trying to dispel."

So to sum up Voinovich's thoughts, Bolton is basically the WORST possible United Nation's Ambassador. BUT, then Voinovich said he had no right to "impose my view" on the full senate, and thus he wouldn't vote against sending Bolton's nomination to the floor. Excuse me, but what is the point of even having committee hearings if you can come to the conclusion that a nominee is absolutely unqualified and would do a horrible job in his potential post and then vote to let his nomination proceed nonetheless? Voinovich's logic renders the committee process a completely futile waste of time.


At May 13, 2005 11:27 AM, Blogger Gilbert Martinez said...

I actually applaud Voinovich. It's sort of conflicting convictions: on the one hand, there is allowing the president up-or-down votes on his nominees (the GOP talking point for judges); on the other, there is voting conviction. Voinovich did NOT vote for endorsement of Bolton, only that he be subject to a Senate wide up-or-down vote.

The real villian for me is Lincoln Chafee. A large majority of his constituents don't like Bolton, he doesn't like Bolton, yet he still voted for him. I'm starting to question whether or not Chafee will vote against the nuclear option to win favor with the GOP base which he will need for his '06 election.

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