Sunday, April 03, 2005

Vote like a donkey and live like an elephant

There's a saying which says if you want to live like a Republican than you need to vote Democratic. Michael Kinsley shows just how true that statement actually is. Of course that's if you want less government spending, less inflation, less debt, less unemployment and better economic growth. What's interesting is that Democrats raised the rate on the highest tax bracket and the skies didn't come crashing down like our Governor and President like to scare us into believing.

One can say that this proves that Democrats are worse than Republicans (and I know many a Naderite who will no doubt make that claim). However, there is an important distinction between the justification Democrats, in particular President Clinton, gave. It was not to create smaller government in and of itself. In fact, environmental regulations were incrementally increased, initiatives were put in place to get 100,000 cops on the streets, the earned income tax credit was used to pull thousands out of poverty, college was made more accessible, and the budget for the National Institutes of Health was set on a course to be doubled (and was by 2001).

The end goal for the Democrats was responsible government--remember what Clinton's mantra was?. To be sure, the rich got richer, but so did the less off. We were put on a sound financial track and the money put into education, research and development was there to keep our country competitive. If you haven't thought much about U.S. competetiveness scientifically, you should read Benjamin Wallace-Well's article on it, or read some of the older articles I've been writing at The Stanford Progressive.

Speaking of Progressive articles, take a look at the article Chrissie Coxon writes about debt cancellation. I'll talk more about that another time, but read the article.

BTW, if you have blood to give, go to the Stanford Blood Center. But remember not to drink the entire glass of wine the next day--it makes staying awake for even Bruckner a challenge :o).


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