Thursday, April 07, 2005

A Question for President Bush.....

Like your fathers and grandfathers before you, you have liberated millions from oppression. You've added to the momentum of freedom across the world. You have helped keep America safe. You make us all proud to be Americans, and you have made me proud to be your Commander-in-Chief.
- President Bush to U.S. soldiers, March 18, 2004

Mr. President, what about Sgt. Robert Stout makes him an exception to this praise you lavished upon deserving American soldiers? He served in Iraq, was wounded, and was awarded the Purple Heart. So why doesn't HE make you proud?

The reason I ask, Mr. President, is that you just kicked him out of the army. It's not that he didn't serve bravely, or that he disobeyed orders. No, you kicked him out because he's gay.

President Bush, what happened to supporting the troops?


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