Sunday, April 10, 2005

LinuxChix and More

I was bored so I stumbled across this. It's about getting more women involved in the Linux community. I found it amusing.

On a more political note, the Washington Post had a couple of op-eds I find to be very important. The first is how we are losing our curiosity. I see this all the time being in biomedical science. There is a strong push to promote "Bench to Bedside" research. That is, making science immediately applicable. That has it's merits, but I'm not sure that putting more money into that research at the expense of basic "curiosity" driven science is a wise long term strategy. All I have to do is look at some of the shoddy drugs being pumped out. Better science will lead to better drugs, IMO.

The second article is an attack on academia. I won't go into the merit's of the argument but just point out that this is typical of how the right-wing attacks the credibility of institutions that will hinder their goals. They had a 30+ year onslaught against the media and it's bias. The "liberal bias" myth is now ubiquitous in conservative and mainstream dialogue. The attack on the Academy is very dangerous. I don't know why the right-wing is so attached to their ideologies that they are happy to risk the future of this country. What are we going to do without a generally independent press and universities/education? Progressives need to make a bigger deal out of this. The right-wing assault on the judiciary is not doing so well. This should be used to further expose the extremism in today's Republican mainstream.


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