Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Know Anyone From Rhode Island?

If you do, have them call Lincoln Chafee's office and tell them to oppose Bolton's nomination to UN ambassador. Via Steve Clemons, the Boston Globe reports pressure on the Rhode Island Senator who could keep the Bolton nomination from passing out of committee:

In recent days, Chafee's Washington office has received about 500 calls and e-mails about Bolton's nomination, and fewer than 10 of them supported Bolton, said Stephen Hourahan, the senator's press secretary.

''We are overwhelmingly hearing from the people of Rhode Island that they are opposed to the Bolton nomination," said Hourahan, who said that Chafee is still undecided about Bolton. But he said that, in the past, Chafee ''has voted mostly with the people of Rhode Island's interests in mind."

I don't have to tell you all about the anti-diplomat that Bolton is and the importance of rejecting him. The GOP may pull out the whipping stick on Chafee on this one, but Chafee is in real danger of getting beaten in his 2006 reelection campaign so his vote on this has to take both into consideration. If you know anyone who lives in Rhode Island or is registered to vote there, have her/him give Chafee's office a call. I'll help you out:

Contact via the web:

DC phone number: (202) 224-2921
Providence number: (401) 453-5294
Newport number: (401) 845-0700


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