Tuesday, April 19, 2005

General Motors, Mired in the Past

The New York Times reports that GM is facing a huge loss this quarter and won't even bother to make revenue projections for future quarters.

This just after its shameful retaliation against the LA Times for its great reporting on GM's basket-case corporate decisionmaking. For example:

GM utterly missed the boat on hybrid gas-electric technology and lobbied Congress not to raise fuel-economy standards on the grounds that meeting higher standards would divert funds from critical research in the ultimate propulsion technology, hydrogen fuel cells — an argument that, shall we say, lacks authenticity. Today, GM has no hybrids of consequence on the street, while rivals Toyota and Honda are selling as many as they can build.

As part of a product reorganization, GM announced last month that it would speed up development of new SUVs and trucks in the pipeline and slow-walk development of rear-wheel-drive Zeta car projects. So, let's see: At a time when SUV sales are cliff-diving, GM proposes to speed up big SUV development and 86 the mid-size, rear-drive future products?

It sucks that corporations try to influence major newspapers' reporting on their decisions, but it's not new. Hopefully this will ignite a media firestorm that will show GM and others that this is a bad PR strategy.

And in the meantime, if they're interested in turning around those revenues, how about looking toward the future -- hybrid cars and fuel efficient technologies -- rather than focusing on busting unions, lobbying against the future, and building ever-heavier, less-fuel-efficient cars.


At April 19, 2005 7:58 PM, Blogger Gilbert Martinez said...

It's amazing to me just how short term oriented the GOP and their cronies are. Yet if you check out this article from Democracy Corps you'd see that Republicans have an advantage in the "Think long term, not just short term" (10 pts) and "Future-oriented" (6 pts) categories.

We are going to have to deal with this problem soon.

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