Thursday, March 17, 2005

T-Ball With Chris Matthews

First a few observations. For those who didn't make it into the audience, you missed a production, but not really much else. Except for the last five or ten minutes, Matthews was pummeled by the Governator. Arnie, whom I shall call Gropenator since such name calling is acceptable since it is "fun", was rather well prepared and did well except for claiming that the special election is good for the economy and not being able to give a good answer to what really constitutes a "special interest"--Democrats in Sacramento, you need to use this on him OVER and OVER.

Next, and what irks me most, is that the audience, even the stage audience, didn't accurately represent Stanford. I'd say at least 80% were pro-Schwarzenegger conservatives. And of course we all know that Stanford is pretty progressive, outnumbering Republicans almost four to one. And not even all the people who were in the "student" section were even Stanford students. I talked to someone who was in the banking division at Agilent Technologies who wasn't a student and was extremely conservative--he supported McClintock in the recall.

On to the questions. What I asked more or less: "You've refered to critics of Republican economic policies as 'Economic Girlie-men' and you've referred to California Democrats as "three stooges". Do you think this school-yard name calling is helpful to build the bipartisan atmosphere you talked about?" The question had to be shortened so I didn't get to add "Do you think this sets a good example to children, even if it is to, quote, make politics fun?" He answered quite well.

Anyway, here are some questions I wanted to ask (fun ones first):
- What movie are you more proud of: "Junior" or "Pumping Iron"?

- In "Pumping Iron", you equate lifting weights and working out to sexual orgasm. Is there something equivalent in politics?

Not so fun questions:
- I believe in Responsible government and many Republicans believe in smaller government. Do you believe there are any instances where a smaller government is not necessarily a responsible government, such as providing health care for children in poverty? (THIS IS THE ONE I REALLY WANTED TO ASK)

- You claim to be pro-environment, but do you think driving Hummers around is good for the environment?

- Several anti-tax Republican governors have recently come out in support of increased taxes to help fund important issues. For example, South Carolina's governor Mark Sanford, Alabama's Bob Riley, and Arkansas's Mike Huckabe have had budgets that raise taxes for important social programs. In Indiana, GOP governor Mitch Daniels campaigned on an anti-tax platform but within a month called for a tax increase. Should the federal government fail to provide funding for popular programs like Medicaid or education, would you consider raising taxes if Californians supported such a move?

- We get to hear you praise Republicans and chastise Democratic "stooges" all the time, but can you name two issues where Republicans could use improvement and two issues where Democrats are doing the right thing?

- President Bush could not come up with any mistakes he made in office while he was seeking reelection. Since there are rumors about you running for reelection--and even if you didn't run--Can you name any ONE thing that you would have done differently since you've become governor that pertains to policy issues and not some clever joke or trivial issue?

Incidentally, a friend of mine said she saw a sketch on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" where Schwarzenegger apparently blows up my head. Anyone happen to have that clip?


At March 17, 2005 10:45 PM, Blogger Marie said...

but Gilbert, he was so dreamy!

At March 18, 2005 9:11 AM, Blogger Gilbert Martinez said...

Who Schwarzenegger or Matthew?

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