Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Greenspan: Partisan Hack Then and Now

I'll write about some of the questions I really wanted to ask Arnold another time, but have to mention how happy I was to see Sen. Clinton going after Greenspan. When Greenspan comments that several forcasts were all wrong (OMB, CBO, the Fed), Hillary responds: "Just for the record, we were not all wrong." Perhaps Greenspan didn't feel like crawling under a rock, but he should have.

By the way, anyone remember Al Gore talking about "lock boxes" to secure Social Security during his 2000 presidential campaign? Looks like Greenspan thinks it's a good idea: "We need, in effect, to make the phantom 'lock boxes' around the trust fund real." Again, Mr. Greenspan, for the record some of us got it right the first time.

Seeing as how Arnold gave me permission to make politics fun (even if it means using ad hominems), I feel the need to comment on Condi Rice's new found style. I saw a clip of her last night on the local news and she was looking good. Let's hope her new foreign policy gets as good as her new threads.


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