Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Americans to President: No thanks.

A recently released CBS/New York Times poll shows that the American people aren't buying President Bush's plan to privatize Social Security.

In fact, the more he campaigns for it, the less they want it. Only 43% of Americans believe private accounts are a "good idea," which is the lowest level of support since CBS started asking the question four years ago.

When reminded that private accounts would mean a cut in guaranteed benefits, only 22% of respondents thought it was a "good idea." THEN, when told that it would increase the deficit, only 17% thought it was a good idea.

Finally, only 31% are confident that Bush will make the "right decision" about Social Security, whereas 63% are "uneasy."

To quote former President Clinton, this dog just won't hunt.



At March 02, 2005 9:54 PM, Blogger Marie said...

Wow, it feels good to be in the majority of something... And we also have almost 150 letters from other students against Bush's plan. Let's hope this one is sunk before it's left the dock.

At March 04, 2005 3:52 PM, Blogger Gilbert Martinez said...

Bush has never had a mandate even though he and the GOP tried to trick the media into believing it by repeating it ad naseum.

On a related note, I received a letter from the Social Security Administration--yes, i'm old enough to have put in a fair portion of tax dollars into it--declaring that the system is in dire trouble.


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